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old former nanny who stabbed two children to death was convicted of murder Wednesday with the jury rejecti▓ng her claim that she had suffered an "undiagnosed mental illness".Yoselyn Ortega, who had worked for the victims' family as a na▓nny for about two years, st

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abbed six-year-ol▓d Lucia and two-year-old Leo to death with a kitchen knife in the bathroom of their apart▓ment in 2012, while the children's parents were awa▓y.The 12-member jury found Ortega's defense that▓ she was too insane to realize what she was doing w

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hen she stabbed Lucia more than 30 times and Leo five times unbelievable.Prosecutors maint▓ained that Ortega, who was in a financial plight, acted ou▓t of jealous hatred of the children's mother, according to local media.The children's father, Kevin Krim, attended ▓t

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he ruling in New York Supreme Court, crying when he heard the verdict. The children's moth▓er, Marina Krim, posted photos of the children online after the verdict, writing "I love you" on them.Ortega faces life term when she is sentenced next month▓. If she had be

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en found not responsible due to mental problems, she would have been sent▓ to a mental institution.Please scan the QR Code to f

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employment in China."We're

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d no play04▓-19-2018 12:18 BJTChina's parents are questioning whether th▓e government's recent move to lessen the schoolwo

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rable groups a fair chance in

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rk burden on primary and secondary school students can achieve the intended result.Since the order was issued in late February, pa

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rents in big cities have been discussing heatedly whether to let their children have a more relaxed and happy l▓ifestyle, as the education authorities suggested, or to co▓ntinue to send them to extra classes in their▓ spare time to learn subjects such as mathematics, English and Chinese.Since the end of February, the Chinese government's decades-old educational reforms have re-entered mainstream public debate. Known as "academic burden reduct▓ion", the policies aim to reduce the academic workloads of primary and middle

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nny convicted of killing 2 children in New York04-19-2018 17:11 BJTNEW YORK, April 19 (Xinhua) -- A 55-year-
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